Which Eid Outfit for Men Matches Your Personality Type?

Have your ever wondered what style suits you best? It so happens that sometimes, we buy Eid outfits that look great but once worn they do not leave a lasting impression. If you have been a victim of such a dilemma then do not fret! This Eid, we ensure you to find you the PERFECT match that will not just elevate your style but will bring about your charming personality at its finest!

Eid ul Fitr is more work than fun- be it the men of the house or the ladies- you all will agree. From Eid prayer to cooking and cleaning, the entire day requires a lot of effort and focus. Hence, it is best to choose the right outfit to keep you comfortable all day long!

Before selecting an Eid outfit, it is essential to understand your personal style and what will look best on you. While few men carry any style with a zinger, others need to pay attention to details and stick to their plus factors to create a dapper look. There is no harm if you cannot carry any style thrown your way as its essential to first find your style and then move forward from there by mixing and matching trends that will look best on you.

Here are a few tricks and tips that can help you pick the perfect outfit this Eid ul Fitr!

1. Workaholic

If you are a workaholic or find yourself consumed in chores on Eid ul Fitr, it is essential to select a comfortable outfit that will not hinder you from doing the work. For the male figures going for Eid prayers, it is wise to get unstitched gents shalwar kameez design and get it stitched in your comfortable fittings and style from your trusted tailor.

Stitched gents suit designs sometimes are uncomfortable due to variations in sizes and can endanger ripping of the clothes while performing the heavy duty! On such an occasion, it is best to opt for suit designs in summer fabrics that will help you beat the heat and at the same time make you look presentable and festive ready.

Unstitched suit designs for men
Unstitched suit designs for men
Unstitched suit designs for men

Tailor SAPPHIRE’S unstitched suit design to your liking for a dapper Eid outfit!

2. Laid-Back Posers

For all the laid-back picture enthusiast, who spend most of the time clicking a banger display for their socials, we have just the perfect Eid outfit for you- Gents kurta designs in versatile range of colours!

This Eid, we advise you to select a light colour as it is going to be extremely hot and humid! Keep your outfit breezy and cool. Opt for a style that you are most comfortable in from band neckline to button detailing on front! Pair the kurta design with white pajama for ultimate impact! The best part about a kurta is that you can make versatile looks from a simple kurta design. Fold the sleeves up for a casual vibe or steam iron the kurta for a crisp impact. Either way all eyes will be on you!

Kurta designs for men paired with trouser designs
Kurta designs for men paired with trouser designs
Kurta designs for men paired with trouser designs

Strike a pose in a crisp stitched kurta pajama from SAPPHIRE’S Eid I Collection.

3. Super Hero Dad

This is our personal favourite, if you are blessed with a child then take this Eid as an opportunity to make special memories!

SAPPHIRE’S Like Father Like Son collection features matching outfits for fathers and sons! Our Eid outfits from the Mine Me collection includes a schiffli embroidered cotton kurta for men and a cotton embroidered kurta design for boys. It also includes matching embroidered waistcoats for father and son, as well as multiple matching suit designs this duo can don this Eid!

Our suggestion for the super hero dads who look after the work and have to dress to impress is to twin with their mini versions! This will not just make you the center of the attention but will make your child’s day extra special!

Matching father and son kurta trouser designs
Matching father and son kurta trouser designs

This Eid, twin with your little one in matching Eid dresses from SAPPHIRE’S Mine Me collection!

4. Confident & Dapper

Lastly, for men who are fashion enthusiasts and love to dress up, we have just the outfit for you! This Eid, opt for a 3-piece suit design featuring a crisp waistcoat design and a contrasting gents shalwar kameez design. Or if you want to impress in a single colour tone then opt for matching suit set in classic white. White in summers look ethereal.

Waistcoats over gents shalwar kameez design
Waistcoats over gents shalwar kameez design
Waistcoats over gents shalwar kameez design

Men’s gents shalwar kameez design & waistcoat design now available online.

5. Conclusion

Find the perfect style for yourself this Eid from laid back to confident and dapper. Explore through our Menswear Eid I Collection to select your favourite suit designs and get it delivered to you anywhere in the world!

Find the Perfect Eid Outfit that Suits Your Personality from SAPPHIRE’S Menswear Eid I Collection
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