Festive II

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This wedding season, experience a world of utmost grandeur with the SAPPHIRE RTW FESTIVE Collection, featuring an exquisite offering of jacquard, cotton net, organza, silk, and chiffon ensembles, exuding elegance and grace.

Our collection pays homage to the opulence, artistry, and grandeur that defined the Mughal dynasty, seamlessly blending traditional aesthetics with contemporary sensibilities. It is an ode to our cultural heritage where regal prints and intricate illustrations are adorned with vibrant hues.

The collection also features a Mughal Mirage capsule- inspired by the influences of Arabic and Mughal heritage. Our capsule features a blend of redefined modest attire, crafted from a mix of luxurious fabrics such as silk, khadi net, jacquard, organza, chaadar, raw silk, and chiffon silhouettes. Each piece pays homage to our traditional craftsmanship.

Our third capsule of the collection, Damask is crafted from the regal jacquard fabric and adorned with intricate hand embellishments. These exquisite ensembles are tailored to embrace jewel tones, rendering them ideal for your intimate festive gatherings. Channel your inner grace and make a statement with these extraordinary pieces that will add a burst of glamour and luxury to your wardrobe.