Classic Chikankari: Weaving Threads of Tradition ft. Zarminay Haq


In the world of fleeting fads, Chikankari is arguably one of the most popular and widespread techniques used in Pakistan and is an age-old craft that needs no introduction. Steeped in history and revered for its timeless elegance, the pristine threadwork was originally done on muslin cloth but it soon became a favourite among the Mughal nobility, worn by the likes of Nur Jahan. The elegance of Chikankari has earned it many ardent fans over the years and with its understated yet luxurious blend of fashion, flair and femininity, chickankari remains a mainstay in the world of sartorial splendour!

With the festive hum surrounding the air, your social calendar is most likely to be overbooked throughout the season. From joyous soirées, fête feasts, and late-night celebrations that await, trying to find the best ensemble that will accompany you through the festivities seems like a daunting and unnerving task! Let us introduce SAPPHIRE’s latest Ready to Wear Classic Chikankari collection offering the celestial charm of traditional designs interwoven with mesmerising craftsmanship, bringing unmatched refinement.

However, if you believe Chikankari lacks the grandeur for special occasions such as Eid-ul-Fitr, you might want to rethink and be pleasantly surprised by its transformative power.

In the spirit of reviving festive summer wardrobes, the allure of Chikankari becomes even more irresistible. And as the summer sun beckons for light, breezy fabrics, this technique featuring pristinely refined shadow work lends an elegant touch to all your occasional wear. Let Zarminay Haq, a purveyor of style and gracefulness, be your ultimate guide in setting the festive tone this season. With a masterful eye for detail adorning our latest outfits, she brings a fresh perspective to this decades-old technique seamlessly blending tradition with modernity, putting it at the forefront of all your festive sartorial choices this Eid.

So, without further ado, let our whimsical embroideries, playful swirls, and intricate handiwork in all their traditional glory become your quintessential expression.

Take cues from Zarminay and scale up your style quotient as she inspires your Eid mood board with her refined aesthetic exhibiting the must-haves from our latest ready to wear collection.

Embodying celestial beauty, Zarminay’s first look marvellously brews contemporary with traditional, curating a classic iteration of the handwork. Adorned in our resplendent light blue tonal embroidered shirt, paired with a matching fine voile dupatta with delicate lace detailing, she captivates with an air of regality.

Catering to aficionados of the clean aesthetic and understated glamour, her styling refines minimalism and with her sleek updo elegantly pulled back, she allows her long statement pearls, blue sequined khussas, and dazzling statement earrings to command attention without taking the focus away from her gorgeous ensemble. While her yellow handbag brings the perfect pop of colour adding a vibrant contrast!

For makeup, Zarminay opts for a luminous look, enhancing her natural beauty with a touch of radiance. The result is a flawless combination of subtle and timeless chic, perfectly complementing her ensemble while exuding effortless sophistication. This entire look is perfect for all your Eid lunch plans, mid-day fête feasts and low-key gatherings surrounded by all your dearest ones while basking in the warm sunlight. Shop her entire look right now!

Classic and timeless, Zarminay’s next look transcends through frantic whims and delves into the indigenous craft reinterpreting it for the modern-day woman. Looking impeccable as ever in our lilac embroidered shirt paired featuring a V-neckline and lace detailing this readymade ensemble can successfully hold the de facto title of ‘timeless fashion’.

She elevates her look with a matching dupatta design in the auspicious lilac hue curating the perfect ethnic silhouette for all upcoming celebratory occasions. The lilac hue symbolises serenity and this fuss-free yet impeccably stylish look strikes the perfect balance between fabulousness and fashion-forwardness. And to complete her look, she opts for matching khussas, adding a touch of traditional flair!

Taking cues from her makeup, her smokey eyes smolder with captivating allure, while her bushy brows frame her face with a bold dewy elegance which perfectly complements her statement pearls wrapped delicately around her neck, and pearly studs paired with chic silver mini bag.

Whether it's your first celebration with the in-laws, an intimate familial brunch at your place, or sun-kissed soirées with friends, these chikankari-laden ensembles won't fail to make a bespoke statement. Let her style lookbook be your ultimate choice wherever the celebrations take you.

Eid is a time to bring out the best in your closet, and with the festivities ushering in soon it is time to reimagine the enduring enchantment of Chikankari through the lens of contemporary sophistication with Zarminay as your trusted guide as you navigate through the season.

SAPPHIRE’s latest Chikankari collection is an effervescent ode to this centuries-old technique while artfully sustaining this timeless craft. Designed with high-quality materials, these are indeed heirlooms to be passed down for generations. The blend of threadwork and delicate embroidery is indeed an investment in style and tradition. This season, let the charm of Chikankari, fascinatingly take the lead, all set to make heads turn!