Venturing from modeling to acting, her effervescent and cheerful girl-next-door persona has won Iqra Aziz massive public adoration. From portraying fierce and undaunted characters on-screen to being a real-time hands-on mother, her charisma is truly unwavering. Her realist approach to life has certainly led her to pick unconventional storylines based on today’s depiction of society, many of which have won critical acclaim. But more than this, she is unapologetically herself and her strong sense of individuality is what shines through her endearing personality. She appears like a symphony of colors where each shade depicts a different side of her overall persona. Aside from the limelight galore, Iqra Aziz is making her own rules.

Today, we will get an insight into the life of this influential and incredible woman, who has refreshingly changed the conventional narrative regarding a modern-day woman. The actress who has played a slew of strong independent characters tells us all you’ve ever wanted to know about her seemingly starry yet very normal life.


Iqra is a globe trotter by nature and loves to fall into the wanderlust of exploring the world, accompanied by lots of good food. She is the happiest around her family and loved ones and curates a very balanced life for herself managing her professional and personal life in an apparently seamless way.

1. Do you enjoy gardening?

Yes, now I have started to.

2. What is your favorite flower?


3. Favorite snack to binge-watch on?

Fries and Nuggets.

4. Favorite cheat meals?

I don’t have any.

5. Gulab Jamun or cheesecake?

Gulab Jamun

6. Favorite restaurant in Karachi?


7. 9-Dogs or cats?


8. Favorite travel destination?

Any destination with my family and my husband.

9. Travel with style or travel with comfort?

Travel with style but with a bit of comfort.

10. Something you wanted to try but have never done?

I wanted to skydive and I did.

11. How do you wind up after a long day?

I watch my favorite season.

12. Favorite song these days?

There are actually two, “Calm Down” and “Sami Sami”.

13. Who is your best friend?

Zain, my longtime makeup artist and a very dear friend of mine.

14. Your go-to person for any problem?

My husband, of course.

15. What is the cutest thing that Yasir has ever done?

That he proposed to me .

16. What’s the funniest rumor you have heard about yourself?

That my proposal was fake.

Iqra with her ever-evolving fashion sense has emerged as a true style phenomenon and inspiration for not only her audience but the public at large. Her impeccable sense of fashion is both glamorous and incredibly popular. During the interview, we asked about some of her favorite fashion trends, style preferences and more.

1. Winter or summer?


2. Favorite color to wear in summer?

I like white, but I have started to like pinks more.

3. One word to describe your own fashion sense?


4. Ready to Wear or Unstitched?


5. What do you prefer, solids or prints?

I like both, but solids a bit more.

6. A fashion trend that you loved last year?

Flared pants.

7. How many do you have?

Two to three.

8. What are three fashion items that a girl should always have?

A pair of beige formal pants, a white dress shirt and a black T-shirt.

9. Who is your style inspiration?

(Jokingly adding) Of course me, myself.

10. Pink or red?


11. Yellow or Green?


12. Orange or Blue?



Iqra’s personal and professional life exists in completely separate realms and she tends to enjoy keeping it that way. She lives in the moment and takes each day as it comes, but her professional aims and ambitions are very much clear to her.

1- Are you an opportunist or a realist?


2- Favorite co-star to work with?

Asma Abbas.

3- Best performance you saw in 2022?

By our cricket team.

4- Your all-time favorite Pakistani drama?

Angan Terha

5- Favorite actor or actress, to work with?

Babra Shareef.

6- Your go-to person in the industry?

Zain and Yasir!

7- Comedy or drama?

There is so much comedy in all the drama we do and vice versa.

One thing you want to learn in 2023?

Patience and Punjabi.

8- What are you most excited about in 2023?

A lot of self-care, me time, family time and a lot of good projects

Iqra Aziz delivers a strong sense of freedom and self-awareness. Her authenticity makes her relatable to the audience on a more personal level. Her craft signifies her impeccable potential and in a short time span, she is going from strength to strength and definitely doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon!