SAPPHIRE Sleepwear for Women 2023



Cricket in Pakistan is not just a mere sport; it’s a cultural phenomenon that transcends beyond the stadium walls and television screens. With the ongoing cricket craze, from maiden overs to compelling hattricks, every boundary, every wicket, and every sixer is celebrated with unwavering emotion and unbridled joy that fosters a deeper sense of unity and patriotism.

SAPPHIRE Sleepwear for Women 2023

In the ever-evolving narrative of Pakistan’s National Cricket Team, two noteworthy names have breathed new life into this sport. Shadab Khan and Naseem Shah have extraordinarily illuminated the cricketing world with their unmatched skills and determination. Our latest Menswear collaboration with these two for SAPPHIRE FALL / WINTER ’23, is a resounding tribute to today's contemporary man, celebrating perseverance and individuality.

Join us, as we delve into an enthralling journey with your favourite cricketing stars, Shadab and Naseem, revealing facets that lie beyond the cricket boundaries. Prepare to witness a new, more personal side to these remarkable sportsmen filled with fun questions and intriguing stories, reflecting them in a new persona altogether!

SAPPHIRE Sleepwear for Women 2023



In the dazzling world of international cricket, Shadab and Naseem are two renowned names that need no introduction. Read along as we go down memory lane and get an insight into their favourite childhood cricket memories and what it was like growing up along with their favourite cheat meals and the infamous, "Roti Group".

For Khan, leg spin bowling has always been his true calling card, yet he equally loves batting at no. 4. Born and raised in Mianwali, his journey into the world of cricket began as a passion nurtured through childhood. From playing street cricket in his neighbourhood to representing Pakistan in the ongoing Cricket World Cup, he always had a natural affinity for the sport. With an impressive strike rate, he wears his fame very lightly and at just 25, this versatile all-rounder remains firmly grounded, not allowing stardom to blur his perspective.

Another young talent, who has been shattering records since 2019, is Naseem Shah, a feisty fast bowler, with the promise of becoming one of Pakistan's greatest right-arm fast bowlers. Born in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he made his debut at 16 and quickly became the youngest bowler in test history to take five wickets. His ability to swing the ball at a fast pace has left many world-class batsmen in awe of his deliveries and at just 20, the game has just begun for Shah.



Naseem and Shadab are undeniably the masters of their field. While Khan enjoys leg-break bowling style, Shah’s famous fast-paced deliveries are a sight to behold. Holding multiple records under their belt, Shadab is known for taking the most wickets for Pakistan in the T20I format while Naseem is the youngest player to take five wickets in test match innings.

However, beyond their wicket-taking trivia, the loudly chanted celebratory actions have become the nation's favourite. Get to know more about their go-to victory move and international cricket adventures as they discuss their fondest memories!



Behind the on-field discussions and fielding strategies lie unwavering emotions that come into play in the dressing room. Handling the immense pressure before each game, euphoria after every win, and support to overcome disappointments, all take place in the dressing room.

Shadab and Naseem are not afraid of bowling at different paces and spin speeds but still believe that some cricketing days are better than others. But is it always a hit-or-miss case and do catches win matches? Well, both shed light on it and discuss how they handle game pressure, keep the momentum going, and more.



When not on the field taking wickets or training Shadab and Naseem are busy relishing their free time away from their demanding cricketing calendar. They both try to bring a sense of normalcy into their lives by either watching their favourite movies or spending time with family.

Both discuss how it feels to be away from the pitch and cricket fields and whether the thrill and camaraderie of the game have become a large part of their identities.



There is no one generalised cricket rule that assures success according to Shadab. Each game is different and encounters new challenges. And sometimes despite the chanting crowd and large support with an emotionally charged audience, cricket matches are lost - and that is the unprecedented art and beauty of the game itself.

Whether it’s a legendary India vs Pak clash, Cricket World Cup, or a PSL match, Shadab and Naseem discuss the toughest games of their career and the stakes these matches bring.



Both have built loyal fan bases for themselves, that go beyond Pakistanis. In such a short period, both have accumulated stardom that remains unfazed. As our exclusive interview with these stars drew to a close, they shared a special heartfelt message for all their followers and supporters.

Beyond their achievements, it’s their commitment to teamwork and ability to perform under pressure that has earned them the respect of fellow players and fans alike. These multifaceted young cricketers are a symbol of hope and optimism for the youth of Pakistani Cricket. And as they continue to spellbound the crowd in the cricket arena with each delivery and match-turning performance, we can’t wait to see them reach new unprecedented heights in the future.

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