Waliya Najib is no stranger to being in front of the camera. From curating stylish, on-the-go looks to sharing snippets of her everyday life, her candidness and authenticity captures the honest placidity of her life that is adored by her followers. And even though her ubiquitous content is endearing, it’s the comfortable mundanities of her routine that gain relevancy among the audience.

For the uninitiated, the digital content creator started as a photographer at the age of nineteen finding joy behind the viewfinder but later onwards decided to pursue her passion for content creation as a full-time job.

She has remarkably become a multihyphenate, and style and comfort have been there at every step. Her exceptional fashion sense has impeccably evolved as she enters into the next chapter of her life: motherhood.

Join us as we get an insight into the life of the incredible Waliya Najib as she walks us through her everyday social and work life donning SAPPHIRE’s newest range of comfortable, lightweight and stretchable pieces made out of highly versatile and innovative fabric: Lycra Lawn which seamlessly allows you to transition your outfits from day to night!

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So, without further ado let’s explore more of Waliya’s everyday routine as she actively enjoys the long summer days.

As Waliya strolls away from her everyday work persona and social media galore, she showcases her effortless style, and a strong sense of individuality that shines through her delightful personality.

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Waliya is known for having a highly social and active lifestyle and is continuously on the go. From being an avid globe trotter to travelling back and forth for all her social commitments, she doesn’t allow her creative process to be fazed and rather translates it effectively through her style, no matter what the occasion is.

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As Waliya unfolds on this new and seemingly daunting journey of motherhood, she has distinctly made comfort her priority. Her effortless style translates into her carefully curated wardrobe which includes of free-flowing tops and loose-fitted silhouettes which are summer appropriate.

During pregnancy, since your body is ever-changing, you want something lightweight, soft and breathable. If you are continuously on the lookout for trendy yet minimal style pieces then take some style insights from Waliya.

Her sartorial statements exude an aura of irresistible charm that allures sophistication in mesmerizing hues and embodies grace and style. She ensures that her fashion is still reflective of herself. Looking gorgeous as ever, she wears our 2 Piece Lycra Lawn Set stitched in a straight kurta silhouette with trousers.

The polka-dotted design also has a timeless appeal to it. She completes with a statement black bag. This entire look is perfect for a comfortable evening walk in the park or even for a routine doctor’s appointment!

Waliya’s meteoric social media stardom extends far beyond her follower count. It's her taste in style that sets her apart as a trendsetter. Her style is an overall mix of incredible comfort and trends meddled together creating effortless looks just like the ones above.

But more recently her repertoire of comfy yet chic style is proving to be a fuss-free fashion formula which should definitely not be missed!

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