Strong Is The New You

Compassionate yet powerful and honest

yet unapologetic - that is what defines YOU.

A strong woman defines her own strength by mastering the ability

to follow her own path. Instead of adhering to rules defined

by society, barriers need to be broken, expectations need to be

crushed and societal pressures need to be rejected.

From acting to modelling, from being a mother to finding time

for passion projects, one cannot help but admire the charisma

that Syra Yousuf effortlessly exudes. There is something to be

said about a woman who can perform such a balancing act.

Today we get a glimpse into the life of this

extraordinary woman.

What was it like growing up in a female dominated household?

"While it can be daunting, as our culture thrives on the presence of men,

growing up in a female dominated household got my values right as a

woman. It has taught me how wondrous it is to be in harmony."

Which strong women inspire you the most?

"I mostly find myself in awe of the strength and courage my mother has displayed through my growing years. Watching her always taught me how important family is and how selfless one must be in order to help your children grow into the people they’re meant to be."

How do you find strength when going through hardships?

"With Utmost faith in Allah and His guidance, things eventually fall into place in life.

It’s about having the Sabr to wait for things to turn around, because the only

constant in life is change."

What does Power / Strength mean to you?

"For me, silence is powerful and the ability to choose to do the

right thing, is strength."

What progress have you seen on gender equality in your life and work?

"I think we have come a long way and there is still a long long way to go

but I believe if it’s being spoken about, it will be worked on too. I also feel,

women are being acknowledged for the all rounders that they are, even at work."

In your opinion, what societal changes should be brought for women?

"Women all over the world don’t feel safe in their own homes due to domestic

violence and abuse. I believe amongst many other things, eradicating gender-based

violence is one of the most important change that needs to be brought about.

We are meant to thrive in environments that feel safe to us, where we feel

supported and protected."

Though the limelight only ever flatters the

actress, she is most in her element outside of it.

What was your proudest moment as a woman?

"I feel blessed to have had many proud moments as a woman

in both my career and personal life. However, entering motherhood

was a turning point that holds great value in my heart. Motherhood

is not just the state of raising a child. What a woman discovers

about herself through motherhood can be awe-inspiring. Motherhood

is chaotic, peaceful, exhausting and purpose-giving all at once."

How has raising a daughter changed your idea of being a woman?

"Firstly, being a mother has been an incredibly empowering experience. It has helped me grow in terms of taking on responsibility and being more in the moment at all times. I’ve always been sure of the kind of woman I would like to be even as a parent. And it would be incorrect to say that it’s been a breeze, nonetheless, my biggest learnings have come from my journey as a mother. I’m happy to see Nooreh growing up around her Khalas who are wonderful examples of determined and fearless females. Raising a daughter hasn’t changed the idea of being a woman for me at all, I would say raising a daughter has made me accept I’ve entered another phase of womanhood.”

What piece of advice would you forward to your daughter?

"Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, it is the only way we learn."


The time for women to shine has come - turn

your silence into strength and pain into power.

Be Strong, Be You, Be Sapphire!


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