The pandemic may be fading away but the threat posed by climate change is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. In many ways, the pandemic has allowed us to reflect on our lifestyles and taught us to be more conscious of ourselves and our surroundings. If there’s one resolution we should all keep this year, it should be to take a step towards preserving our nation and the planet for a better tomorrow. With technological advancement and eco-friendly intentions, SAPPHIRE takes a step forward into the world of sustainable fashion- a vital measure to a circular future. By conserving energy and water and recycling raw materials, we have transformed pre- and post- consumer fabric waste into a green fashion line.

Understanding the challenges of the textile industry, we strive to innovate and initiate processes which will limit the environmental impact, one step at a time.

In 2019, we launched little by little, our ongoing sustainability project that is dedicated to making a positive change in the way we manufacture and sell our products for a greener Pakistan. Our recycled cotton seed-infused bags were launched as our first step towards sustainability and soon followed the introduction of our re-usable recycled cotton bags to replace plastic shopping bags. Since then, Sapphire has continued to develop and grow its sustainable approach across the business from manufacturing to stores.

In 2021, we introduced our very first Ready to Wear Sustainable line featuring kurtas manufactured from recycled cotton that was dyed using natural colouring. Each step of the manufacturing process was energy and water efficient. These pieces took inspiration from the celebrated local crafts of our country and had the same attention to detail and style that Sapphire always offers, but had minimal environmental impact.

We also launched our Revive the Thread initiative to encourage our customers to bring their unwanted textiles and apparel to our stores and through our advanced recycling process we created new fabric and products. Where some saw waste, we saw the potential for a safer and greener tomorrow, one thread at a time!


Sustainability is no longer a new chapter in the world of fashion. With heightened awareness and an influx of information regarding environmental change, the significance of sustainable choices is now highlighted more than ever. Dressing sustainably no longer means compromising on style. This year we managed to expand our Sustainable line with carefully curated designs that are on-trend. We bring you a responsible fashion line that lasts longer, looks elegant and allows you to choose sustainable!

The collection was designed with longevity in mind. It consists of high quality timeless wardrobe classics that will last you for seasons to come. They are versatile and can be styled in more ways than one to create a new look every time!

Amongst the initial steps in our journey to sustainability, we have successfully planned, formulated and implemented processes to save water. We realize the water challenges our country faces hence, water conservation is a priority. The aim is to prevent our production facility to limit the wastage of water supply and responsibly treat water in the manufacturing process.

This ready to wear kurta imbued in a hue of blue was designed to encapsulate the spirit of water conservation.

By recycling existing materials, we aim to limit the consumption of new unprocessed resources to manufacture clothing. Therefore, to curb the usage of cotton we used repurposed fabric to recreate thread for the sustainable collection.

This breezy green kurta was designed to capture the essence of going green.

We believe sustainable fashion is a blank canvas full of opportunities to be tapped and embraced. The goal is to incorporate sustainable practices throughout our production lines and create awareness about the importance of eco-friendly choices.

This classic kurta is a timeless wardrobe staple imbued in a hue of white or as we like to call – a blank canvas!

Our Sustainable fashion line is a small step towards our dedication and commitment to the environment. Little by little, we strive to continuously innovate techniques and processes to pursue sustainability. It’s the beginning of a new era, and in the years to come we hope to encompass sustainable means of production and create environment-friendly fashion without compromising on style!

Join us in our journey for a better future. Aspire to Sustain, Inspire Living.