Homemade fritters, family gatherings and cherished traditions are a welcoming reminder for Ramadan and the festive times ahead of us. This year while you are cueing the delectable food spread with various fried food options for Iftar and Eid parties, don’t forget to create a stunning table that showcases your personal style and love for hosting as well.

This Ramadan create the most fabulous soiree with exclusive arrivals from our kitchen and table linen collection that are inspired by middle-eastern prints and patterns. So, whether you are hosting an intimate suhoor or an extravagant iftar, we believe that your table should be as presentable as you, reflective of your personal style, just like your wardrobe. With our table linen options, we’ve got something for all the traditionalists, or the maximalists and the ones who want to bring a flair of colour in their dining. Get inspired ahead of your next big gathering and stand out by crafting an exquisite table. Planning the menu for large gatherings requires its own juggling act but nothing will create a more elaborate iftar then an elegant tablescape.

Our recent collaboration with Hafsa Shayan aka @missioninthekitchenbyhafsa , the maestro of creating tablescape magic provides you with the perfect guide for creating an arrangement that is enjoyable and special making your guests feel welcomed. Take inspiration from Hafsa as she decorates the ideal Iftar and Eid table with her go-to shades, ornaments and use of cutlery because one small move can make your arrangement appear outdated. Our Table and Kitchen Linen Collection along with Hafsa’s table setting methods will bring some shine to your fabulous fete. Her aesthetics and strategically placed décor elements will inspire you to bring tidbits of change to your dining this Ramadan and will bring in a slew of joy with budget friendly décor ideas to zhoosh up your space.

So, if you are wishing to bring in the feeling of togetherness, since iftar and suhoor are the times the entire family comes together, we have got the perfect table settings with impeccable and thought-out details by Hafsa that will truly ‘wow’ your guests. So, without further ado get officially ready to create your best table space ever. Continue reading on and get inspired to recreate your own tablescape magic!



According to Hafsa, table linen and tablecloths are the real game changer that make any meal look fancier and create the perfect set-up but unfortunately are the unsung hero. They set the tone and mood for endless possibilities. A textured, solid colour cloth is a classic, like the one Hafsa has brilliantly utilized, but printed table cloths never fail to make a ravishing statement as well. For any table to look refined, the basics need to be set straight and a good table cloth never fails to make an impression.

Recreate your own dining table with our solid textured table cloth inspired by Ottoman patterns or experiment with prints with our phenomenal floral themed cloth. And remember this styling advice by Hafsa, that small tweaks to your otherwise usual dining room makes a big difference when it comes to throwing iftar parties.



Colour always add impact, however splashing out too much colour is never a good option. You want your table to look appetizing but not very noisy. Take hosting cues from Hafsa, our tablescape magician and always opt for contrasting and blending colours that complement each other. Adding colours brings a certain earthiness to your table which makes it look aesthetically decorative.

Shop this entire look from our website and create your own avant-grand set up that is bound to leave your loved ones happily appalled. Our Ottoman table runner and placemats are a whimsical addition for your dining and a refreshing addition for your décor.



Introduce decadent prints and brighter hues to your table like our botanical printed and ottoman printed Panama napkins. Following in Hafsa’s footsteps, our décor philosophy is: that more the print the merrier it is. However, make sure to incorporate a neutral tone in either your use of cutlery or flamboyant centerpieces so a sense of calm remains and your table does not look like an altogether frenzy.

If you are on the lookout for some Ramadan inspired décor then our entire Ottoman collection is inspired from the traditional motifs and prints that are visually soothing.



Another styling tip is to go big and layer up your tablescape. Hafsa’s blue and white tablescape in punctuated with earthy and tonal elements like the sublime candle stands and even the cutlery. This ensures an evergreen balance between warm, bright and tonal colours. By adding different elements, you spark visual intrigue without upstaging the main course, which is most defiantly your iftar or even Eid dinners. There is always something beautiful about setting a table that makes even a causal gathering feel special.



Never forget that at the end of the day, the table you are curating should make you happiest the most. We all know that planning and hosting occasions can be really stressful, but we recommend you to make the entire process fun. Shop from our budget friendly home linen options to zhoosh up your space beautifully as you want. From modern monograms, to tonal toned dining spaces, the possibilities are endless for you. You can even set up a cozy backyard al-fresco and add some pop or print and colour that will bring you and everyone joy.

In case you still didn’t get the memo, you can create endless dining options for yourself and your loved ones. If you’re tired of your mundane dining then take inspiration from this and shop your heart out and serve with style. You can create something over the top by adding small touches to your tablescapes. Go ahead, and incorporate unexpected objects, foliage and even tonal objects and impress everyone. Dinners and get togethers are all about making memories and so this Ramadan, create an eye-catching edge for yourself that is the perfect mix between elegant and eclectic and dazzle your loved ones. Now all you have to decide is a mouthwatering menu to match the occasion!