Indulge in the refreshing essence of summer with our newest perfumes perfect for every fragrance enthusiast!

As the warm sun graces the sky and colourful blooms fill out as a welcoming reminder of summery days; let SAPPHIRE transit you into a beautiful state of mind with our latest collection of fourteen newly released scents.

Step into a world filled with captivating scents that will bring you sensory delight and embrace the essence of summer with fresh fragrances. From orange blossoms to captivating patchouli, tuberose and vanilla each scent evokes the summer spirit with just a decent amount of spritz.

Here’s the list of our newly released fragrances for both men and women that will create an unforgettable fresh summer fragrance. Each of the fragrances mentioned below gives you a distinct difference in its feel once you wear it.

Summer is the perfect time to switch up your fragrance game and with so many new releases by SAPPHIRE, there’s never been a better time to find your perfect scent. It’s bound to be a scent-sational summer!

What’s summer without a spritz of your favourite summer fragrance? These summer perfumes capture the vibrant energy and delightful aromas of summer with floral influences that are radiant and elegant.

Everyone loves a classic signature and when it comes to the best perfumes for women, Charm by SAPPHIRE brings a modern twist to classical elegance.

It has top notes of citrus, apricot and orange followed by Ambery, Rose and powdery musky facets. Perfect for the summery days, this is bound to be a crowd’s favourite.

Unapologetically feminine and liberating, Illusion is an intoxicating chic scent with mandarin and pink pepper notes with Ylang Ylang and orange blossom. The base notes of vanilla and coconut water creates a very balanced and inviting scent! A touch of patchouli infuses timeless elegance and depth as well!

Believe us when we tell you that it’s possible to find your besties the perfect match- from the ones who feel like literal sunshine to that effortlessly glamorous diva friend of yours, SAPPHIRE offers something for everyone!

When we say sunshine, Pleasure is literally happiness in a bottle, and rest assured we don’t mean it metaphorically. It conjures positive vibes with the perfect feel-good combination of bergamot with a delicate floral woodsy smell.
Bound to invoke refreshing vibes with its sweet Jasmine and Cedarwood notes, it has a light smell that distinctively feels like “summer”!

Let your best friend channel their summer holiday vibes with Bohemia! This fragrance isn’t showy, it’s effortlessly a signature. Simple, elegant, pretty and wearable!
It opens with passion fruit and lemon, intensified by lily and rose with a sweet touch of vanilla and sandalwood. This scent is a reminder of lively carefree days spent outside basking in the sun enjoying your favourite holiday.

Looking for a scent that not many people have? Our latest scent Wonder inspired by sweet jasmine sambac and captivating patchouli meddled with orange blossom, tuberose and hints of vanilla, wonder is a very unique and mysterious scent that feels sophisticated, and tranquil.

There is nothing like a great summer fragrance that brings you that holiday feeling!

SAPPHIRE’S latest addition, Impulse reminds us of instant freshness enveloped in blossoming florals with top notes of zesty lemon, grapefruit and blackcurrant. The colour of the bottle itself is evocative and reminds of the sizzling summer days.

This happy summer scent will steal your heart! Playful and easy-going Amaze by SAPPHIRE embraces the significance of enthusiasm and comfort. It has a very sparkling citrusy and zesty opening that’s fitting for the warm weather.

Then as the top note fades you will be treated to vanilla and patchouli at the base combined with jasmine, bergamot and vine peach accord ensuring this delectable scent remains comprehensive and memorable.

Few perfumes could be described as “breathtaking” but Dream by SAPPHIRE is an exception. It’s a fun-loving and sumptuous scent that’s captivating and feminine. This is a hard-to-forget scent with magnolia and lily cocooned with lime, oud and musk.

Rest assured that wearing this will definitely make you feel like a boss!

Unravel enchanting scents that will take you through dawn till dusk with our exuberant new arrivals!

If you want to smell like succulent berries and mandarins complemented with gardenia and pear then Dawn is the scent for you. Envelope yourself in a fresh luminous pear blossom scent with subtle nuances of sweet patchouli, orange blossom and gardenia meddled with orange blossom and intertwined with red berries and sweet jasmine. The end result is a fun, fresh and lightweight fragrance.

Whisk away with this delectably rich and warm scent. Dusk brings an irresistible warm floral smell which includes tantalizing notes of coffee, fig and caramel infused with indications of musk and orange blossom.

Searching for the right fragrance for men is a daunting task but we have a myriad of new scents for men that will surge your excitement! So, without further ado let’s delve right in.

No matter what your sensory preferences are a classic signature never goes out of style! These are the ultimate scents to get noticed in.

Make a classic and cool statement with our Infinite cologne. Once you get a hold of this bottle you won’t have to imagine what lush earthy woods smell like. It combines citrusy scents and juniper berries with lavender and clary sage for an invigorating scent that you will look forward to wearing every day!

On the other hand, if you are looking for a masculine but fresh scent with mossy and zesty touches then the dominating scent of Victor is just what you need. The medley of grapefruit, lemon and birch along with moss and ambery creates a one-of-a-kind scent.

If you are looking to experiment with your style then gravitate towards these options. The first whiff will give you a rejuvenating and invigorating scent, impressing even the choosiest of men out there.

Fruity and audacious at the same time, the Explorer perfume captures the sweetness of amberwoods with plum, pineapple and pepper notes intertwined with cedarwood to curate a mesmerizing and energizing scent.

This is the type of scent that you’ll be instantly drawn to and want to wear every day. Horizon by SAPPHIRE gives off ambition and exudes curiosity thanks to grapefruit, sandalwood and black pepper notes with dry amber and musk.

What Scents You Should Wear During Summer?

Our summer fragrances have been carefully curated to evoke a sense of warmth and happiness, making them perfect for every occasion. The best summer perfumes will take you on a journey so choose your personal favourite according to your style and preference.

Each spritz will take you on an olfactory journey, evoking memories and uplifting your mood. Whether you’re rushing through work, lounging around, or prepping for vacation let SAPPHIRE fragrances be your gateway to a summer filled with joy, radiance and unforgettable memories!