SAPPHIRE as a brand, has always been ever-evolving, progressive and continuously strives to explore new avenues. Our most recent collaboration with 7UP celebrates a new era of style. Together, we are immensely ecstatic to introduce an exclusive streetwear-inspired collection that recognizes creativity, positivity, self-expression, and “UPliftment”, connecting with the youth and GEN Z in specific.

The collaboration brings out a strong narrative and a vibrant visual identity that paves the way for feel-good moments and new experiences.

SAPPHIRE WEST has primarily targeted the youth and our comprehensive range caters to a wide spectrum of preferences, ensuring inclusivity for all. We have skillfully curated an ingeniously fashioned range of top-quality products using the most exquisite textiles available, harmoniously blending creativity with functionality. The collection features eight unique, relaxed fitted, gender-fluid designs with a vibrant colour palette that aims to inject nostalgia into your life, instantly uplifting your mood.

Capturing the essence of 7UP with simple graphics, a definite sense of motion and energy can be seen unanimously in the entire collection with a pop art feel. This entire range serves as a timeless representation and a visual anecdote of the history of the brand that remains hugely popular among the audience.

The red dot incorporating “UP” positions itself as the main protagonist since it's also an integral part of the visual heritage of 7UP. The classic green and white signature colours, with three-dimensional high-contrast lines, distinctively portray the feeling of “Upward” energy.

Let this collaboration serve as an effervescent reminder to our youth, that with fashion you can uplift both yourself and those around you, and enter the realm of limitless possibilities!

Revitalize the spirit of joy and unravel a distinctively new appearance that aces your street-style game with an all-new look.

Evoking a sense of bubbliness, we bring you a modern interpretation to design for otherwise contemporary silhouettes. With rotary prints splendidly fused with embroidery patches and a pop of colour, The Up Collection distinctively pays an ode to individualism and good vibes.

Showcase a multitude of colours, patterns, and silhouettes that captivate your attention, and leave an indelible impression. It's not just about what you wear but most importantly how you wear it- Exude confidence and let your style journey be a canvas for self-expression, which is always evolving!

Ignite a sense of positivity that ushers you in undetermined adventures, and amplifies your voice and aspirations. Our designs pulsate in harmony with the vibrant spirit of contemporary youth culture.

You can sense a feeling of dynamism which is all about an immersive journey of elevation, inspiration, and upliftment- that elevates the spirit through a renewed sense of hope. It's time to unveil your creativity and live life unapologetically!

Dare to dream, embrace change and celebrate the feeling of self-discovery that empowers you to thrive on feel-good moments and authenticity. Face the world with a smile and believe in endless possibilities.

Drawing inspiration from the modern culture dynamism and the striking tapestry of diversity, The UP Collection is meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of breaking boundaries. Infusing a contemporary flair, navigate your street style with our chic essentials that bring a modern edge to your creative expression. So, without further ado feel the look and the new energy by exploring our entire collection now available online and in selected stores!