In the heart of every Eid celebration lie the colourful threads of timeless traditions, where the warmth of shared memories seamlessly intertwines with the bonds that bring families and communities together.

With homes adorning the fragrance of sweet incense and freshly prepared delicacies, there's a flutter of activity that marks the beginning of all festivities.


From the clinking of bangles, carefully chosen to complement your outfit, to the bustling households echoing with sounds of laughter, with each passing moment, the energy builds, drawing loved ones closer together.

And in this haven of tradition and love, every moment reflects the bonds that unite us. Because, after all, Eid is where the heart is!

Eid is a feeling that envelops us in an intangible warmth and can be found even in the fleeting moments of reflection amidst the bustling rhythms of celebration. It’s in our cherished rituals like traditional meet-ups with relatives, light-hearted banter with cousins, the joy of gift-giving, enjoying the sweetness of homemade sumptuous spreads and the realisation that no matter where we are in the world, as long as we are surrounded by family, Eid truly feels like Eid!

This year as we come together to celebrate, join SAPPHIRE on a heartfelt journey of embracing the joy of old and new traditions through the lens of festive celebrations with our Unstitched Eid II Collection.

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In the spirited frenzy of Eid preparations, the daunting task of finding the perfect outfit unfolds like an epic saga, and amidst the innumerable options, our latest unstitched collection offers a gentle rush of refreshing summer prints and ditsy florals with a delightful feel of exultant and sophisticated lawn fabrics, infusing every detail of your preparations with vibrant energy, ensuring moments of sartorial splendour!

From delicate sequins to vintage motifs, our latest collection is crafted to perfection, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Each ensemble is an invitation, alluring you to immerse yourself in the sheer delight of Eid celebrations.

As the festivities inch closer, there's an undeniable thrill in adorning ourselves in our cultural finery, where the flutter of colourful dupattas paired with whimsical prints embodies the essence of our deep-rooted traditions.

Our two-piece and three-piece range not only encapsulates the beauty of our heritage but also celebrates the joy of shared moments and the feeling of being right at home. Indulge in the exuberant use of our fabrications, where a symphony of harmonious hues intertwines seamlessly with vivid prints.

As loved ones gather around tables laden with love and laughter, uncovering memories long tucked away and eagerly anticipating the joy of reunions with long-forgotten relatives, the air is filled with joyous and heartening chatter. In this beautiful tapestry of Eid, weave together the threads of tradition, modernity, and heritage.

And as you surround yourself with family, may you find in SAPPHIRE Unstitched – Eid Edition II, not just your favourite ensembles, but a reflection of the timeless beauty of cherished traditions and the enduring power of family bonds, creating a beautiful tapestry of love, light, and laughter that spans generations.