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About Men’s Bottoms

Discover the essence of refined menswear style with SAPPHIRE’s exclusive range of men’s bottoms, featuring classic shalwar designs and contemporary trouser designs. Each piece is meticulously designed to suit a variety of occasions, kurta designs, and personal preferences.

Types of Designs

There are two main types of men’s bottoms from SAPPHIRE to choose from, depending on the season, the occasion, and your personal preference.

1. Shalwar

A traditional shalwar design is the more traditional option of the two with a loose pleated silhouette and a tapered ankle. Ideal for cultural festivities, formal events, and everyday occasions, the shalwar offers both comfort and style for the man who likes to keep it classic.

2. Trouser

The sophisticated trouser design is the more cosmopolitan option of the two with a straight, structured silhouette, usually accompanied by a tapered ankle hem. From professional settings to semi-formal occasions, the trouser design is available in both slim-fit and regular-fit options and offers contemporary flair to your ensemble.

About Fabrics

Men’s bottoms can be fashioned from various different fabrics to cater to the season, the occasion, and each individual’s unique style. SAPPHIRE currently carries men’s bottoms in two of the most popular fabrics: cotton and poplin.

1. Cotton

Cotton is the ideal fabric for warmer days because it provides breathability and style, without compromising on its soft and luxurious feel. The versatility of cotton makes it perfect for both formal occasions and everyday wear, no matter what your personal style is.

2. Poplin

Poplin is a more refined fabric with an elegant texture. The poplin trouser design is extremely durable and long-lasting and retains its wearability even after being worn time and time again.

Tailoring & Fit

To ensure a comfortable fit no matter what your size or body type is, SAPPHIRE has a wide range of designs and sizes to choose from. Explore our size chart, based on international standards, now online or visit our stores to find your perfect fit in person.

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