The exuberant Eid festivities are upon us so begin your Eid-ul-Adha preparation with Iqra Aziz as she unravels her Nani’s evergreen Channa Chaat Recipe!

From family gatherings to timeless traditions a flutter of activity and a flair of joy surrounds Eid-ul-Adha serving as an effervescent reminder of the festive times ahead. Whether it’s having a delectable grand old traditional family feast with your dearest ones or meticulously selecting your tableware, the joy of Eid is truly unrivalled!

This Eid dazzle in your exultant Eid outfits by SAPPHIRE and get your Eid-ul-Adha prep sorted which will save you from any last-minute fret and hassles. Join us as we celebrate this auspicious occasion by bringing back traditions and age-old family recipes for Eid Ki Tayariyan in collaboration with the endearing Iqra Aziz.

Iqra pays a heartfelt ode to her Nani, as she celebrates this traditional recipe of her childhood by reminiscing days spent eating her Nani’s favourite home-cooked chaat and sharing her all-time favourite recipe of Channa Chaat with everyone!

Every household has some traditions which are passed down for generations to come, and Iqra joyfully celebrates this tradition by making this much-loved chaat recipe for all her dearest ones every Eid-ul-Adha. Whether you’re hosting a grand sit-down dinner soiree or a tea party, tasteful light bites are needed since they are easier to pull together and very palatable. Since it’s meaty Eid, your loved ones will appreciate something light and freshening alongside the main food course.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the richness of tangy spices, blended with piquant, sweet, and sour chutneys, seasoned with Iqra’s favourite toppings and condiments that make her Nani’s recipe a definite must-try.

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Since Eid is a time of creating delish and flavorful food, this year get inspiration from Iqra Aziz whilst preparing for your loved ones, remaking her Nani’s age-old Channa Chaat: a flavorsome and mouthwatering staple now made at every Eid-ul-Adha in her home.

This light and refreshing chaat, essentially made out of chickpeas is not only delicious but easy to make as well. You can prep the ingredients ahead of time and store them in a cool place, saving you from any last-minute hassles. And whenever you are hosting, all you’d have to do is toss everything together, and just like that your delish Iqra-inspired Channa Chaat will be ready to be devoured!

Continue reading on to find what ingredient makes this recipe so special and mouthwateringly delicious! Iqra even spills on that one ingredient that sets her Nani’s recipe miles apart from the others.

“Since this Eid is being spent at Nani’s house, I thought of making one of her most special Chaats for her which should definitely be a surprise. So, this Channa Chaat has a very interesting story. Whenever my cousins and I used to come over, we would specially request Nani to make this Chaat for us and she used to happily oblige every single time but no matter how many times we used to eat this homemade chaat, we could never guess the secret ingredient that made her chaat different from everyone else’s! But now we know, and her secret ingredient is Rye”.

Rye or rye masala is readily available in local markets so you can easily replicate the recipe by sprinkling a generous amount of it over your version of Iqra-inspired Channa Chaat! But hold up because you’re only halfway done and still need the grandeur of traditional chutneys to tempt the flavours.

“So, this chaat is absolutely amazing but it requires proper preparation which is done every single time and that preparation includes a tray full of various Chutneys and Masalay.”

“This tray consists of green chutney, Aloo Bukharay ke chutney (Plum Sauce), Meethi chutney (Tamarind Sauce), Chaat Masala (traditional herbal spices), and Dahi (Yogurt). All of my cousins don’t really prefer spicy food so they usually just add some dahi and top it off with some chat masala. On the other hand, I just love a tangy mixture of all these chutneys to make it extra spicy and so I add a bit of masala and a little bit of everything and trust me it tastes amazing!”

As per Iqra, condiments are key to making your chaat a success and more flavoursome. Iqra incorporates a handful of different chutneys that her Nani often used, to make her Chaat more flavorful, slightly sour, and sweet even offering a tinge of different colours.

It has a tangy and crunchy combination of texture which adds to its appeal and makes it an all-time favourite, satisfying even the pickiest of eaters out there!

“This is not just a chaat, it is a relationship we all share with food and also each other! Thank you so much, Nani, for giving me so many good moments”.

Sometimes coming together is not just about hosting and attending occasions, it’s about celebrating the feeling of togetherness and reliving the memories that are shared, and revered serving as a reminder of good times.

This Eid, lean into the festive spirit and take inspiration from Iqra recreating her Nani’s classic Chaat. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to incorporate the essence of your style and let that translate into your wardrobe as well.

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With Eid comes never-ending tasks and chaotic to-do lists, but we wish that this Eid-ul-Adha while you’re around your nearest and dearest ones, the only chaos you surround is filled with sounds of hearty laughter, clattering cluttery, cheerful smiles, and profound memories of joy cherished for years to come!

Eid Mubarak Everyone!