Frocks are a very versatile item of clothing. They can be worn casually or as party wear. In the UK, they make an essential part of your wardrobe.

Over the years, in the Pakistani fashion industry, frock trends have been dominated with intricate embroidered patterns, floral or geometric prints, and embellishments such as kundan zari work, diamontes, pearls, and gota kaam for a more formal look.

Even though the concept of “frock design” or “dress design” is technically the same as Western dresses, in Pakistan frocks are designed in a way that imbue Eastern values and portray our history and culture.

Frocks first made an appearance in the Indian Subcontinent during the Mughal era in the form of Pishwas and Angrakha. Frocks designs have evolved and you can find different variations, styles and new designs of frocks now.

In the East, frocks are usually worn with straight pants, capris, tights, or when it comes to party wear, frocks are adorned with lehengas and churidar pajamas.

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This blog will go into details about various kinds of frock designs, for women as well as for baby girls, so you can make an informed choice about which style works best for you.

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What is a frock design?

Historically speaking, a frock is a loose, long garment with wide, full sleeves, such as the habit of a monk or priest, which is also belted.

In the modern and contemporary context, a frock is designated as a woman’s or a girl’s article of clothing, often long and flowy.

In the subcontinent, long frock designs are known by various names including pishwas, kalidars, anarkali suits, maxi dresses or A-line gowns.

The Pishwas was introduced as a leading garment for women in India under the reign of the first Mughal Emperor Babar. Emperor Akbar’s reign’s noted record Ain-i-Akbari references to the Pishwas as a royal article of clothing. Pishwas, which was once a royal garment, is now widely worn in the Subcontinent. It is the Eastern equivalent to a ball gown.

Frocks are typically flowy, breezy garments that can be floor-length or ankle-length termed as long frocks, some frock designs are shorter in length, almost knee length or hinting above the knees

Frock designs come in various styles and fitting and can be found in a wide variety of fabrics including lawn, cotton, net, chiffon, georgette, tissue, raw silk and cambric. Cotton frocks are a huge hit during summertime in Pakistan.

Unlike kurtas and kurtis, frock designs are usually very specific. They have a fitted bodice and a flowy or flared garment running below the waist.

For the wedding season, when it comes to frock styles and designs, there are plenty of options to choose from.

You can choose a fabric from Sapphire’s festive unstitched collection and get it tailored as a classic pishwas or anarkali with churidar pajama, lehenga or a simple shalwar or a trouser.

Check out this ethereal embroidered raw silk pishwas in an elegant creamy off white shade with stunning gold embroidery.

You can drape the dupatta traditionally on one side or you can take it on your shoulders to channel your inner wonder woman! The options are endless.

What are some of the most popular frock designs in 2024?

Frocks come in various varieties, fabrics and styles. The long frock designs take the form of anarkalis or pishwas and short frock designs look more like peplum tops in kurti style.

There are plenty of new frock designs as well that include asymmetric lengths, tail frocks, various kinds of sleeve designs, and different kinds of pleats on the bodice that enhance the flair.

You can find many colorful gown designs in floral prints as well as solids.

While the traditional and trendy pishwas, and the classic kalidar will always remain in fashion, here are some of the most popular frock designs of 2024.


The name Anarkali is borrowed from the Mughal era courtesan as well as the 200 year old bazar in old Lahore by the same name. Anarkali is also a frock style.

Like all typical frocks, it has a fitted bodice and a flowy bottom. Anarkali is tailored best in flowy fabrics such as chiffon, georgette and silk.

An embroidered or embellished coti can be worn on the bodice as well. As you can see in this beautiful navy blue Anarkali frock design, the beautiful tila embroidery is bringing out opulence and splendor to the overall look.

The embellishments on the dress can be in any form as you can see in the photo above, there is beautiful, high-quality delicate embroidery on the fabric that is giving the outfit an extravagant look.

An embroidered or embellished coti can be worn on the bodice as well. It can go with any frock design. A coti brings out opulence and splendor to the overall look and adds timeless elegance and grace to the outfit.

You can always rely on Sapphire’s festive collections for amazing Anarkali dress inspiration.

You can always rely on Sapphire’s festive collections for amazing Anarkali dress inspiration.

A-line style Dress

A-line style is simple, underrated and undeniably elegant. Much like the alphabet A, an “A-line” dress has a wider hem, a somewhat narrower waistline with a large flare at or below the hips.

Sapphire offers different styles of A-line dresses. This raw silk black A-line frock featuring hand embellished neckline and sleeves is tasteful and stylish.

You can wear this casually or pair it with heavy earrings for a more formal look.

Trendy Summer Frocks

Long and flowy summer dresses are a great option for UK summers. They are breezy, have a loose bodice and can be worn with trousers or tights.

SAPPHIRE has a wide variety of trendy options of midi and maxi dresses with different neck designs.

This elegant shirt dress comes with full sleeves and a front button through opening style. The side pockets add an additional element of functionality to the classy style.

This flowy and breezy linen dress is an excellent dress choice for a casual summer day. Can be dressed up or down with accessories.

This is the perfect summer dress for you that you can run errands in, you can go to work or attend a casual lunch. It is airy and flowy for extra comfort.

It comes in soft ribbed jersey fabric that is perfect for summers, this bright yellow ribbed T-shirt dress will make a casual chic statement anywhere you go!

Baby Girl’s Frock Designs from SAPPHIRE

Sapphire Kids offers amazing styles and designs for frocks for baby girls, toddlers, and all the way up for little girls aged twelve.

Sapphire Girls East has an amazing selection of three piece suits for little girls and baby girls. You can find a spectacular variety of Eastern kids frock designs for girls at very reasonable prices for occasions such as Eid.

Baby girl dresses are usually the cutest.

Sapphire Girls West has a fantastic collection of girl’s frocks for all seasons. You find a wide variety of designs in beautiful, vibrant colors and the cutest styles for your little fashionistas.

This cute frock design features a flared frock with lace and gotta detailing paired with straight trousers.

It is always a lot of fun dressing up baby girls in cute frocks.


Historically speaking, as you may have learnt in this blog, frocks have existed since a long time. In the Subcontinent, they first seem to have made an appearance during the Mughal era. There are many variations of fancy frocks that we see in the market today.

In the UK, frocks have been a part of women’s wardrobe since the Victorian era.

Frocks are a very versatile article of clothing in your wardrobe. They can be worn as a part of Eastern attire as well as a Western ensemble.

Elevate your style with SAPPHIRE’s readymade frock dresses.

The best thing about frocks is that they can be worn at any occasion. You can wear a party dress at a wedding party, a long dress on Eid, or a short sleeve summer dress while on vacation.

If you are looking for casual wear or work wear, there is a frock design waiting for you at Sapphire!

Sapphire’s kids collection has incredibly adorable, cutest frock styles for little girls and babies.

You can find a great variety of Western frocks for little girls for casual wear as well as traditional frocks for party wear and formal occasions at amazing prices.

There are many baby frock designs available in various bright and colorful shades.

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